TutsPundit (Tutorials Pundit) aims at providing well-documented tutorials for your geeky needs. Be it WordPress, Linux, Web Servers, MySQL or no-SQL, the list is ever expanding. We aim to cover everything, from the most basic to the most advanced stuff.


Pranav Rastogi

- Founder
Founded by Pranav Rastogi in 2010. He wanted to create a reference of stuff he was doing on nginx and decided to start this blog. Pranav is an entrepreneur from North India who likes to do web development, programming, learn new stuff and spread the knowledge.

Prajjwal Singh

- Author
Prajjwal writes on TutsPundit occasionally. Prajjwal is an atheist, impulsive thinker, entrepreneur, web developer, passionate programmer, javascript and ruby lover, obsessed with complicated music.

Guest Writing

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